Comindware Tracker - Workflow Management Software video overeview
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Comindware Tracker - Workflow Management Software video overeview

Task management software – visualize your workload!

Task management software is a perfect solution for any business regardless of how many workers are there engaged. As a top manager being responsible for workload how do your track the quantity of assigned tasks to a single worker? As an employee responsible for several tasks, how do you track time and tasks and correlate the simultaneous tasks in time?

Every person has the same time period for work. Everybody works a standard business day in your company. However this often happens that one employee gets snowed under a pile of hot tasks while another gets some routine time insensitive tasks which can be done through a sufficient time frame. The top manager is responsible for equal workload of employees. Task management software will help to spread the tasks among workers so that every employee in the department will have equal task load. Most of task management applications allow tracking the tasks assigned to one employee. Task planner will help to precisely estimate time, efforts and other resources to successfully complete the task on time. Another vital option of task management software (unlike project management software or workflow automation software) is visualization. People better grasp abstract notions when they get physical shapes. Task trackers present every task as a symbol on the time bar. Each task requires a certain period of time for its fulfillment, the bar will show the tasks lapsed over each other and will clearly show on what stage there will be much troubles with correlating the tasks. In this case a top manager will be able to re-plan the tasks in such a way to escape overlapping. Task management software can be used as a tool of prediction.

Employees will benefit from using task managing application. The task tracker will help to better organize business hours and to better spread time among tasks. Clear visualization will help to avoid tasks overlapping.

A system of notifications will warn a user on a new task, on the dead line to deliver previous task, on new comments on the current tasks. The system will notify the user as in the application so via email.

The benefits of using task management software are evident:

  • Top manager will be able to better assign tasks and to better control the task fulfillment progresses
  • The employees will better control themselves. They will see how much work they have, how much time an average tasks requires. Task load visualization is a perfect tool for efficiency increase.

Once the task management software is integrated into the business the business owner will notice:

  • Lowered risks of task incompletion or delay
  • Increased personal efficiency
  • Increased overall productivity of every departments

Task management solutions help to solve typical business issues related to low efficiency of employees and poor task planning and assignment. Task management application allows to get ultimate control over the progress of every task and to predict the success of task completion. In most cases the task management application allows to evenly allocate resources and assign tasks to perform equal task load.

Visualization is a perfect psychological trick to ensure the highest efficiency of the staff. People in the company will perform better results within the first month of software usage. If you doubt what type of BPM software you need, then start with task management software. To complete a project the employees of your company need to complete a chain of certain tasks. Being able to track tasks you will ensure the best project performance and timely delivery. Unfortunately, not every project management application will allow the same task tracking options.

Task management software – visualize your workload!

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