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Task management software – from multiple to single interface

Task management software is a must have tool for any business regardless of how many employees and how many tasks you are facing every day. No matter you are a top manager or an employee you will greatly benefit from getting task managing tool for easy and fast task delivery. In this review we will show you top 5 reasons to start using task management application right now.

How many tasks are assigned to your employees daily? Ow do you track the progress of every task? How is workload spread among employees? If all of these processes are run on various applications then it is high time to think about a single interface and get everything done within one application which is task manager.

Just analyze the process of task creation and assigning. You address to certain data and find out how much time an employee needs on the average task of that type. Then you create a task and find a worker who can cope with the task. Then you need to estimate his or her task load and put the task and set strict time limits or fix the end date of the task delivery. You will need from 40 to 120 minutes to analyze everything properly and set a single task. This will do if you deal with up to 5 new tasks per week and have only 3 employees. But when it comes to creating and assigning tasks in a huge company with thousands of workers in different departments and hundreds of tasks tasks to be set and assigned in minutes, then it will be a total chaos. What can task management software do for your business?

First, it is a task template. Once having set a task, you can set it as a template if the task is repeatable and will have to be delivered again and again. If marked as a template you will need only 5 seconds to set and assign this type of a task to an employee. You will need to only change time frames, choose a responsible employee and leave comments if necessary.

Clear visualization of workload. Analyze how many tasks your employees are working on at the moment, how many tasks are there in the row to be completed, who of the employees can take an important task. Having everything visualized you will be able to spread tasks among users more effectively. You will easily escape the situation when one employee is snowed under the tasks while another one does only one task per day.

Task management software provides simple control over tasks and employees. Your dashboard will present all the tasks put by you to the employees and the progress of tasks fulfillment. Besides, the software will analyze and predict when the task is going to be delivered, so you can plan and set other tasks to the same employee. In this way you will be able to escape situations of idle workers in your company.

None of the tasks now will be forgotten or uncompleted. The system will notify a user and a top manager that a task is uncompleted. Different task management software solutions offer as in-system notifications so sending messages via email. However advanced task management solutions try hard to reduce the quantity of interfaces engaged in the process of task fulfillment.

Single interface for everything. If you are a top manager in a big company with hundreds of employees and dozens of branches and multiple interfaces for managing certain processes, then you will almost drive crazy switching between tasks and applications. Advanced task management software ensures simple access to all necessary documents, tasks, projects, employees engaged in the task fulfillment from a single interface. Unlike workflow management software, task tracker will concentrate your attention of successful task completion.

Task management software – from multiple to single interface

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