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5 killers of your productivity solved with task management software

task management

Getting through calls, emails, tasks, reports, meetings and documents are embarrassing and frustrating. Employees overloaded with tasks and working routine staff commonly lose motivation and a desire to work better as the working mess seems endless. All of these factors distract employee from working on a project or a top priority task. And the productivity drops. In this review we will tell you how task management software will help your employees to overcome top 5 productivity killers!

Top 5 productivity killers and recommendations from task managements

1. Constant distracting calls – it does not matter you get calls through a corporative line or on personal smartphone still every call is a distracting factor. Task management software provides a digital environment for working on any task or project you are engaged in. The tool provides all necessary communication and collaboration means to ensure proper productivity. What can you do? Wen you start working on a task you can switch off all phones as you will not get important phone contacts as all communication on this very task and on every task you get goes in a single digital environment. Thus a task management system simply isolates you from office buzz and from common distraction factors as calls, emails, messages.

task management software

2. Social networks is the next productivity killer you need to avoid to improve your productivity. How can task management software help you forget about social networks or internet surfing? Task management system offers all necessary tools to work on a project. You can contact necessary people, chat with them right in the task, send and receive documents as well as pass the task to another person. Task management system has a very useful feature being a time tracker so every your activity is tracked and time spent for completion of task is tracked as well. If you want to get paid for a project and for this certain task you should work hard. The system is sensitive to your activities. If it determines your activity as poor it will stop tracking time. Moreover every task management system offers deadline option. This means that once a deadline is set, an employee will have to complete a task at a certain time.

Gathering details on a task

3. Gathering details on a task. Employees lose time while trying to understand a task better, get additional data and recommendations. Moreover they kill time when waiting for a response from other people from your company or from business clients or partners from whom depends success of time completion. When using task management system you will be able to save time and efforts your employees waste on getting necessary information on the task. Clear visualization, explanations and description, accessibility of people, engaged or responsible for the task and knowledge data base will help employees to faster get down to task and complete it successfully.

company uses traditional task management

4. Inability to reach other people. You know how this embarrasses you when you urgently need a document or a piece of advice, and a landline is busy, personal smartphone does not respond and emails and messages are hanging unanswered. With task management software you will be able to reach through to people who are necessary for staring or progressing of the task. The tool offers chats and other communication means that will improve your personal performance on the assigned task.

progressing of the task

5. Meetings overlapping urgent tasks. When a company uses traditional task management approach, then overlapping of one activities over others occur very often. If every activity for every employee is scheduled through task management system, the tool will not let you appoint one task overlapping another (except of tasks getting concurrent status). However the system will notify a manager about working load of an employee, his or her additional duties and other activities the employee is engaged in. Moreover the system offers a convenient and intuitively clear ranking of priority. When an employee gets a task he or she will see its priority status. Some task management systems do not allow to take another task while the task with higher priority will not be completed or delegated to another user.

stop tracking time

5 killers of your productivity solved with task management software

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