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10 ways task management software will increase productivity

10 ways task management software

Task management is a way to organize people and business resources around a task completion. Task management software is not a new technological breakthrough in business technologies. However many companies have already got disappointed in integration of the tool in the business as the results are very poor. Expected productivity boosting does not happen and thus you think that you have just wasted money on an expensive box of software which has turned useless for your employees.

Who needs task management software?

In terms of your business various people perform various needs to perform successfully. For example, there are people performing automatic job requiring low qualification. To fulfill these tasks your employees do not need any task management software as they perform the same tasks every day. For example, mail management delivering mails, newspapers and documents sent by traditional mail and courier services to departments of your office.

Who needs task management software?

Task management software is essential tool for HR managers, top managers, team leads and employees working on concurrent projects.

Why fails in task delivery will happen again and again?

If you will buy and integrate task management software for your company, you will be able to eliminate certain fails which will occur again and again in your business without task management tools.

Fail #1. Inability to complete a task. Employees commonly can not estimate a size of a task as they do not see it clearly. With workflow management software you will be able to set bite-size goals and tasks for employees. By clear visualization of steps and stages of every task you will be able to overcome and prevent numerous psychological stress which sufficiently decrease people's productivity.

Fail #2. Inability to rank tasks. Modern successful business is all about multitasking. If an employee fails to perform multitasking effectively, then it loses the competition and will finally get fired. Task management system solves the problem of multitasking and does ranking of tasks for every employee. Thus a worker does not need to make a choice of priority and take responsibility for decisions.

Fail #3. Poor planning. Most of employees fail to perform well on projects and tasks due to poor planning of days, weeks, months and working years. Yeap. Your employees should have an annual working schedule and plan to reach the end goal successfully. Task management system allows to plan every day of your work in the office accurately providing all necessary tools for planning. Top managers get powerful analytical tools for assigning tasks. The tools offer clear visibility of working load of every employee of a company and suggest optimum task planning for day, week, month, etc.

Fail #4. Failing to understand the task. Over 37% of employees complain about unclear tasks and inability to understand what steps are required from them to fulfill a task. With task management software you will be able to set tasks to employees clearly. Due to visualization of every task your workers will comprehend all required steps and will work more effectively on every task. When a person understands a task then it seems easier to be delivered.

Fail #5. Fail to track progress. Over 81% of employees confess they do not understand how fat they are from the end of the task and how close they are to the completion of the task. Task management software ensures simple tracking of progress in every task. Due to every task being split into smaller steps which are easy to complete the system is able to automatically calculate progress on every task when a step is completed. Let us take an example or report task. A manager gets a task to make a report on sales for the last week through a task management system. One of the steps is data aggregation and upload. Task management software is compatible with various business applications so you will easily request data. The system will check this step when it is completed automatically. When a manager sends the report to a top manager the system automatically marks the task as completed. Clear visualization of task progress helps employees to accumulate their efforts and to use them more effectively!

visualization of task progress

10 ways task management software will increase productivity

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