Service Request Management

Keep close track of customer requests and SLA’s with Comindware Service Request Management Software

A primary objective of any organization is revenue growth alongside cost containment and optimization. Service request management is one of the strategic business process management areas that delivers significant results if transformed and innovated properly.

Be that internal IT service request management or external customer request management, the business process includes:

  • Request capture and analysis
  • Service catalog with configurable SLA’s
  • Request routing
  • Self-service and collaboration
  • Incomplete or missing request data
  • Lack of the service model and pre-defined SLA’s
  • Inability to trace request status and identify process bottlenecks
  • Lack of timely notifications and reporting

Comindware Service Request Management Solution

Comindware Service Request Management software provides handling of both internal IT service requests and external customer requests – such as for example maintenance, patent issue, temporary HR onboarding, etc.

The solution scope includes request capture, request routing, SLA management, self-service and collaboration capabilities. Thanks to the unique and patented ElasticData technology, Comindware Service Request Management software provides capturing, management and analysis of any type of data to make it fully searchable and actionable for service request management processes.

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  • Complete and up‑to‑date view on all service requests
  • Full control over SLA’s
  • Process automation and optimization
  • Increased customer satisfaction

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Tell us about your business, request more information on Comindware solutions or ask a question.

Service request management software

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