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5 signs your IT Service Management software needs upgrading

IT Service Management software

Timely upgrade means perfect performance and ultimate user experience for your customers. If you have implemented IT Service Management you need to keep up to date to be able to respond quickly to the ever changing IT marketing and user needs. Unfortunately, none of the IT Service Management solutions features a pop up message notifying about the time of update. There are no certain rules of update or upgrade or replacing your IT Service Management product. But this review will show you the evidences indicating that it is high time to replace your software!

Look at these five signs and analyze the performance of your IT Service Management system to find out whether it needs replacing!

IT Service Management tracks
  1. It takes too much time for staff to resolve IT issues
    Any IT Service Management tracks the time it takes to resolve any incoming issue. You can make a report and clearly see whether your staff does well and resolves issues in the fastest possible way. There are too many factors contributing to the time length of resolving of an incoming issue as ITSM processes are too complicated. Another matter for ITSM solutions of issues tracking too much time is that many people working on the same issue without even knowing they try to resolve the same problem. It means that several tickets are registered from the same incoming application. However this case is very rare.
    What is a result of long resolving of customer issues? These are unhappy users. The true indicator of resolving IT Service Management issues for too long is multiple calls on the same issue. If this happens this is an evident sign your business needs a more advance IT Service Management solution.
  2. Treating recurring issues
    How your staff treats the same recurring issues? If these recurring issues are treated as brand new? This often happens due to poor organization of knowledge accumulated through the experience of usage of your IT Service Management software. If the knowledge is scattered and not centralized it will result in reworks, poor resolving of issues and wasting of precious resources as time and efforts which ca be streamed in a more efficient way. This is also about communication valuable data and information acquired from real time experience which will improve the quality of issue processing and overall staff performance. If you face such problems, then it is a clear indicator of time to replace your IT Service Management.
  3. Your customers are often dissatisfied
    Unfortunately, there is no software being able to track customer happiness and satisfaction after every contact of a user and a company. Your staff may analyze only a tone of voice of a customer trying to interpret satisfaction or frustration. However you can be sure that if you provide high quality service your customers will be dissatisfied with anything else but not your IT service. An advanced IT Service Management tool should be able to track the mood of every customer to create a certain baseline to improve your services and products for users.
    Advanced IT Service Management solutions can gauge user satisfaction and can detect certain factors pointing to satisfaction, frustration or anxiety.
    If your IT Service Management software does not do this for you, then you should replace it right away!
  4. Data driven approach to decision making fails
    There are several reasons why your IT Service Management software does not have enough of data to make data driven decisions. This may be a ticket form fields do not encompass all aspects of a described problem on the user end, or, perhaps, user information remains stuck in chat messages or emails or calls. Your IT Service Management system should aggregate all these data and store them in easily accessible location to every member of IT support team. If user data are not collected from all possible incoming sources, then you need to replace your IT Service Management product.
  5. Licensing of your IT Service Management is not advantageous
    IT market develops too fast and new IT Service Management solutions appear every day. No matter how much you like your system you use, still you should monitor the market for newer advanced solutions to keep up the pace. If your vendor does not upgrade the product, does not adds new features and close opportunities for your business, then it is high time to replace your IT Service Management software for a newer advanced one!
IT Service Management solutions

5 signs your IT Service Management software needs upgrading

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