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What is help desk: goals and advantages for businesses

 IT Help Desk implementation

IT Help Desk is a digital product, a piece of software which serves as communication environment for IT experts and end users to resolve emerging issues in functioning of IT products or availability of IT services. IT Help Desk offers a multi-purpose approach to resolving various issues making highly qualified technical IT experts available 24/7.

There are many ways how companies implement IT Help Desk in practice. Some companies keep only one IT specialist with extensive technical knowledge about a product or service. The assistance may be provided via various sources as phone, email or direct application form available on user portal or from company's website. Other companies keep an IT department with experts in various domains of technical knowledge assisting clients to use company's products and services available and functional for end users. Such an approach of making several technical experts available to end users is more preferable as in this case the issues are resolved much faster and with more expertise. Another way to implement IT Help Desk is to outsource IT specialists from an IT company which will work for a target business.

IT Help Desk for your business

What are the recommended ways of IT Help Desk implementation?

One of the most recommended method of implementation of IT Help Desk for a business is following ITIL practices which include:

  • single point of contact to resolve several issues
  • consultations on available software or computer technologies
  • tracking all incoming user applications
  • issue processing techniques
  • specific problem resolution

What are the necessary features of IT Help Desk for your business?

  • Knowledge management – an advanced digital IT product must ensure improvement of operation efficiency. This should be achieved by reducing time spent on resolving of iterative issues or on searching for an optimum solution from the previous experience.
  • Issue management - IT Help Desk must feature a option of collecting and patterning data from every user application experience. This will ensure detecting a cause of iterating problem by accumulating data from every application in the knowledge base.
  • Accessibility management - IT Help Desk should keep user data on their logins and passwords and supporting their accounts. This will ensure a faster resolution of user problems with accessing their accounts.
  • Service information publication - IT Help Desk should provide pricing information, detailed service descriptions and news and updates of products and IT services available for users within a single click without contacting IT experts of IT Help Desk.
IT Help Desk helps businesses

How IT Help Desk helps businesses to improve efficiency?

  • Effective processing of applications of users
  • Smart multitasking enabling IT experts to work on several issues at once
  • User portal offering user-friendly intuitive interface to create new applications (IT tickets), track their status, or view closed tickets to refresh the data of previous solutions
  • Tracking time for trouble shooting - IT Help Desk provides a time tracking tool which clearly visualize efficiency of every employee of IT support department. Having this knowledge you will easier estimate human resources and their positions as well as you will be able to find out problems draining time.
  • Tasks priority – with IT Help Desk solution you will be able to prioritize tasks put to a team. Different user issues require different resources to resolve them. A IT Help Desk system is able to analyze the priority of every issue and to rank them in the task list of a team of a single expert.
  • Efficient approach to solving IT issues - IT Help Desk software provides a simple, tried and tested way of handling technical problems.
  • Keep tracking of dead lines – with a due system of notifications IT Help Desk software will not let you forget about a task and a time required to deliver it.

What is help desk: goals and advantages for businesses

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