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Comindware Resource Management provides tracking, analysis and optimization of corporate human resources to maximize resource utilization, eliminate waste and speed up critical tasks and processes.

Resource Management Software Distinct Features

resource managementComindware

Resource Management across Processes and Cases

Comindware resource management tool covers all types of human resources engaged in various types of collaborative work such as processes and cases.

  • Gain unmatched insight into resource engagement with unified workload view across tasks, cases and processes.
  • Maximize resource utilization thanks to advanced workload reporting.
resource tracking softwareComindware

Resource Tracking Software

Comindware resource tracking system provides insight into the actual and expected resource usage across different processes and cases.

  • Analyze typical time spent on routing and repeating activities, and optimize your processes using this information
  • Define key performance indicators (KPI) and keep track of them on a scheduled basis
  • Gain visual reports on the business process execution, identify process bottlenecks, resource overload and other performance criteria.
resource allocation softwareComindware

Resource Allocation Software

Comindware resource management system allows high-level task prioritization and resource allocation.

  • Get people working on the right tasks in the right priority all while collaborating within workflows.
  • Gain real-time insight into resource availability and allocate resources with drag-and-drop simplicity.
  • Save hours of your time spent on resource planning and prioritizing activities.

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In Cloud & On-premise
Comindware in Cloud
In Cloud & On-premise

Comindware® provides both on-premise and in Cloud deployment options. Besides, as well as enables flexible transition between cloud-based workflow solution and on-premise one can be rolled out if needed.

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API and Integrations
API and Integrations
API and Integrations

Comindware provides wide workflow integration capabilities. including Take advantage of bidirectional integration scenarios, as well as support for both fine grained, and bulk export operations – all available through Web Services open API’s and built-in enterprise services.

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Comindware Mobile Apps

Run your workflow seamlessly on your desktop computer, iOS and Android phone or tablet and enjoy fully consistent user experience.

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