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Project Management software Comindware Project Video Review

Project management software – how to use on freelance

benefit from project planning

Project management software is one of the most applicable business tools. It completely fits any business and any activity which requires analysis, resource estimation, proper planning and strict following the schedule of the project to be delivered on time. For a freelancer the timely deliver is as important as the quality of work and communicative skills. In this review we will try to understand how freelance projects ca benefit from project planning software.

How a freelance project starts? A freelancer gets an application from a client and a task description. This information is commonly organized as scope of work. A freelancer should estimate the scope of work, his or her time available for the job, technical base if necessary, knowledge and skills. When the project is discussed with the client the freelancer gets to work.

Without proper visualization it is rather hard to estimate the complexity of work, the time it will require and the additional knowledge or technical base. This leads to delays in delivery, poor quality, misunderstanding with a client.

Project management software – how to use on freelance

Another matter is that the communication of a freelancer and a client takes place in another interface. Constant switching between interfaces distracts the attention and leads to missing of some important details of the task. And the result will not satisfy the client.

How project management software can help a freelancer?

In most cases freelancers face the same problem of estimation of the task. How much time does the task require, how many efforts does a freelancer need to deliver the required quality of task? In this case project managing application will be of great help. It tracks the time of every project and keeps the data in archives. When a similar project is started the software offers to use statistics from the archive. These real life data are of ultimate importance and will help to correctly set the time limits for project fulfillment.

Project planning software will also help to avoid projects overlapping as commonly freelancers work on several projects at once. It is of ultimate importance to plan and schedule every project and to follow the schedule. Project planner adds visibility and allows avoiding delays in projects delivery. If a freelancer starts another project with time frames overlapping another project the system will warn the user and will offer to correct the time limits.

chat rooms and project plans

The project managing application will give a freelancer a chance to be more organized in projects delivery. Most freelancers gain bad reputation due to delays. Nobody from the client will then want to assign them orders and tasks.

Project management software enables simpler communication between the client and the freelancer. The application provides a digital environment in which the project lives. There are chat rooms and project plans, additional information and project progress bar. A freelancer can provide access to his or her client to track the progress of the project, to comment or to give critical remarks. This will help to shape up the end result exactly to the needs of the client. Besides, this will help to avoid unnecessary editing and re-working of the project.

Freelance is a sort of business and it also needs proper organization and automation. While it is a highly competitive field of market, the freelancers should use the most powerful tools to advance their rivals. Letting a client to completely track the progress of a project as well as having a chance to edit and manage and comment on the project in project management software increases trust and confidence of a customer providing a freelancer a chance to honestly work and deliver te projects which ultimately fir the needs of clients.

Project management software – how to use on freelance

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