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How to solve major productivity blocks with resource management?

integration of resource management software

Every business faces numerous blocks preventing employees from efficient performance. Thus their productivity drops drastically and your business loses money. As practice shows businessmen are unaware of how many productivity blocks are there on the road to successful performance. In this review we will show you major productivity blocks and will provide you simple solutions. You will find out how resource planning system solves productivity blocks and boosts business success.

60% of companies face over multi-tasking of their employees. This means that people get more tasks than they are able to complete within business hours. This leads either to increase in working hours or in decrease of quality of performance. The simplest way to solve this problem and to eliminate this productivity block is integration of resource management software which will clearly show to managers the working load of every employee in the company. This will allow to balance working load and to evenly spread tasks over all employees considering their skills, experience and expertise.

resource management system

49% of companies register decrease of productivity due waiting for other people's actions. A business project is a sequence of steps and tasks which depending on various people across the company. For example, IT department will not start coding until top manager will not approve a design pattern or project. This results in delays of project delivery. With resource management system you will ensure timely response from every employee engaged in the process.

40% of companies declare delays in project deliveries due to waiting for email response. Though email is a relatively new way of business communication, still if is already a step back. Successful working on a project requires a common field for action. Resource management system ensures proper informing of employees on changes in project. It eases communication and collaboration of people.

30% of companies admit that their employees face a problem of unclear priorities in tasks and projects. Resource management system ensures clear visualization of priorities in projects and everyday tasks. Moreover a system of notifications will timely alert your employees of deadlines. This will also eliminate another block of having not enough time for finishing tasks.

30% of employees fail to finish projects on time due to not having enough of time for a task. Of course, this can be a consequence of over multi-tasking or long waiting for other people actions or for emails, but another major reason for failing to meet deadlines in projects is poor planning of resources. Resource management system solves this problem. The system helps to estimate skills and experience to choose the best employees to work on the project, to clearly see working load of every employee you are going to engage in the project.

28% of employees complain about too much of working load from other employees. Task delegation is a perfect opportunity to evenly spread working load, however there are cases when task delegation causes overloading of employees and overall workflow imbalance. To avoid the effect you can use resource management system and see who of employees lack working load, who are overloaded and how to plan work load effectively. Modern systems performs simple indications of working load of employees.

integration of resource management software

The same 28% of employees are dissatisfied with constantly changing requirements to tasks they are working on. When a resource management system is integrated in business then every task is put clearly and if changes are made, they are registered and all employees are getting informed in a timely manner. This will avoid time wasting when employees are working in a wrong direction on the project following previous requirements.

resource management

Resource planning system will take away most productivity blocks from the success road of your business. Thus with installation of a single system you will improve productivity of your employees in many directions. This will improve not only the mood of your workers but will positively affect the end result.

How to solve major productivity blocks with resource management?

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