Resource Management System for All Aspects of Corporate Business Operations
Comindware Business Application Platform
End-to-end Resource Management System for All Aspects of Corporate Business Operations.

Resource management tasks and goals

Resource management is a number of methods used to effectively deploy and allocate resources. Resources are usually shared across different business units such as Sales, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources etc. In order to maximize resource management efficiency advanced resource allocation software is used that helps process data, automate analyzed processes and suggest better resource utilization patterns.

Human resources management

Efficient resource management requires contemporary resource management software that allows to:

  • analyze resource workload and current capacity,
  • assign resources to projects based on their actual resource capacity,
  • evaluate the resource capacity in terms of skills and qualifications,
  • forecast resource demand and suggest optimization of resource utilization,
  • track planned vacations, sick leaves and state holidays as part of the work calendar,
  • provide integration with external resource management tools for partner projects,
  • support collaboration for group tasks and projects,
  • enable document management and change history, specifically storage of contracts, graphic files, etc
  • provide mobile support and availability on any type of mobile platform

Depending on the project specifics such as for example field engineering projects or multi-yeared software deployment projects additional capabilities may be required such as GIS system integration or timesheets tracking.

The latest versions of resource management software implies capabilities enabling support of business processes automation, business process planning – those coupled with project management, team collaboration and advanced planning tools.

Resource management exists as integral resource management system

Resource planning is one of the essential steps for success. None of the existing businesses would be able to develop and gain success without proper resource management. When you start a new business with certain resources (budget, human resources, technical base and partners) without proper resource management tool, your business may face many challenges, including:

  • insufficient human resources and technical base to meet the requirements of upcoming projects and cooperation,
  • improper budget allocation to cover the needs of your company,
  • poor actual active and passive assets,
  • inability to move forward quickly.

Without proper resource management business will most likely stick to linear development that may decrease profit, market share, chances for development and growth, and ability to conquer new markets. Resource management is vital for any business, even if it is limited to small local region or few workers.

Resource management system will help you to allocate profit, technical base and human resources, correctly plan the strategies of future development and to prevent deficit. Even if you run a small local business you can integrate available resource management tools and software into your business. There are many available options of resource management on the market. The choice of an optimum resource management solution for your business depends on your needs and potential of your business.

If you are looking for a solution to start with – try Comindware Business Application Platform. This system offers end-to-end resource management capabilities for projects, processes and cases, including initial resource planning, resource allocation, task management, unified time management, resource tracking and demand reporting.

Resource management – tasks and goals of resource management tool

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