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Using BPM software in right way according to Forbes

BPM software

BPM software is a unique solution for modern business providing a powerful et of tools to visualize, analyze, optimize and automate most of business processes running in your company. But the options and capabilities of BPM software are commonly overestimated. In this review Forbes expert Dan Woods shares his ideas on how to best use BPM software and how to avoid risks and problems.

Quality BPM software

The first thing you should understand and accept is that not every business process needs BPM software to be automated. Business experts recommend to use BPM software when a situation meets the next criteria:

  • Processes that are parts of bigger and large scale business processes need automation with BPM software – in this case BPM product will show relations and dependencies between processes and will show you whether a process you want to automate is a component of a more complex process or not. If a company does not work with any automating and managing software then it will be hard to estimate whether a process needs BPM software automation or not.

    Almost every company needs BPM software to estimate processes, automate them and to clearly visualize interrelations between processes.
  • Processes that does not require constant human control and human decision to run smoothly.
  • Processes that are parts of more complex automated processes engaging third party companies or outer sources of data.

Business process modeling is the hardest aspect to understand and visualize not only for human brain, but for software as well. Quality BPM software features a complex architecture allowing you to consider all the details a human brain can miss. BPM software should be taken not as a business automation tool (as it is not), but as a tool of cooperation of a human brain and artificial intelligence.

benefits of BPM products

In order to understand the BPM software essentials, let us imagine a business as a kid's puzzle containing thousands of pieces. You can complete this puzzle examining each piece and considering its place in a general picture. Or you can use a certain pattern and put pieces into their place in puzzle matrix. The author of the idea offers an example of Wikipedia saying that this international online source of knowledge gets added wit thousands of articles every day. Some articles are linked to other articles. Some articles are just blank pages containing only a name of the concept. These blank pages should be completed later when there will be enough of information to fill them correctly. You will not forget about these blank pages as after their creation they will appear in Wiki search and will be indexed by search engines. These pages are notifications for you. The BPM software does the same for your business in terms of planning and setting relations among numerous business processes.

Many analysts face problems of interconnected various digital tools for planning and analysis. The major problem is accounting of all data, the next one is compatibility of data. BPM software provides you environment in which you can bring together all the results and data and to consider in one business process. BPM software structures all the processes and clearly visualizes all the necessary steps to undertake to reach a goal. So this product is not about automation but is more about optimization of every business process and business in general to achieve better revenue.

To use BPM software to your best advantage you need to clearly learn the structure of every process and use BPM environment to clearly set the interrelations between processes.

Using BPM software

If you still doubting whether you need BPM or not, then read our next section about the benefits of BPM products for any business. We warn you as well, that there are certain risks of integration of BPM into your business.

Using BPM software in right way according to Forbes

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