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TOP 5 mistakes of using BPM software: the guide to success

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BPM expert and analyst Adam Deane shares his vision on how to best use BPM software. He has ranked TOP mistakes of using this digital products and gives recommendations of how to avoid 5 major mistakes in business process management.

Before installation and integration of BPM software in business we surely read tons of articles, talk to developers and examine the offered features in every BPM software box. But business practice shows that most of businesses overestimate the possibilities of business process management products and make the same mistakes. Moreover there are cases when businesses go on to stubbornly ignore experience and continue to make the same mistakes. This review of top BPM software usage mistakes will help you to properly understand and use a product and will let you get more benefit from its integration in business.

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Not allowing BPM software to perform its direct duties

Analyzing many business experiences the expert has come to a conclusion that many companies do not understand how to automate business with BPM software. In most cases financial departments do the same work with BPM application as they have previously done on paper to make a report and sales departments still waste the same time to get a quote.

BPM software must optimize and maximize your business but not to add pain to duties of your employees (it is well known that switching to another form of activity is rather painful). Get professional assistance. Address to developer or to a third party expert to explain you how to optimize your business and to really automate business processes with a chosen BPM product effectively.

top BPM software

Using BPM software for duties it is not developed for

Many companies try to make the best use of the BPM software they have invested in. Adam Deane has discovered up to 37% of cases of improper usage of BPM. Sure, BPM product can not predict whether your idea will work or not. The first steps of initializing a new business process and tuning it (which is 90% of the task) will be completed fast and easily, however the trial step (which is only 10% of the task) may take forever as the business process will not function correctly. This commonly happens when business try to start a business process which is impossible to automate or in case when BPM software needs upgrading and additional coding or changes made to initial code to perform well for a new idea or business process. Adam does not recommend to act in that way for the next reasons:

  • interfering in the initial code is risky as it may lead to overall fail of the system and collapse of all the processes which are already set and are running
  • adding new modules may affect the overall functioning and performance of the system
  • BPM software is a balanced environment

Introducing changing in the initial code

Do not buy a box product if you need some custom features in BPM software. Moreover Adam Deane does not recommend to perform changes to a ready to install product. Asking for some, even minor changes will result in delays of delivery and unexpected and unpredictable outcomes. If you need a custom product, then order a new product which will be designed and developed according the needs of your company and business.

Disregarding pro assistance

BPM software is not a simple app to install and use. It needs tuning and integration. If your business does not keep an IT department packed with BPM software experts then Adam recommends to seek for pro assistance either from a developer of the product or from certified centers. Otherwise you will constantly face certain problems which occur in 97% of analyzed cases when BPM software was installed and integrated by non-professionals.

Common problems are the software is not set up properly, missing certain files or components, the access to essential parts (as FTP server) appears to be blocked, or the software is unable to reach remote computers or servers.

Employees acceptance

allowing BPM software

With BPM software your business will operate in a completely another way. This software changes the way employees perform their duties. But people do not like to change anything in their habitual working environment. People do not accept new business environment, do not want to learn how it works and make mistakes. That is why it is of great importance to get the staff ready to work in a new environment by trainings. These can be video tutorials, user manuals or live trainings by experts.

TOP 5 mistakes of using BPM software: the guide to success

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