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Task management software – key business options to consider

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The business the 21st century is not a business you led in 90s. The matter is that business and people are working at the end of tether. Fortunately, IT vendors have developed different tools as task management software and workflow automation software for business to simplify the processing of tasks and let people minds free from routine work for more creative ideas.

If an employee will fulfill all the tasks on his own without using automation and management tools then he will probably do only 2/3 of all the tasks doubting the success of the results. In order to compete in a modern business race the business should be ultimately equipped with modern automation and control tools. Today we will review task management software focusing on the reasons why to use it and how to use it for ultimately efficiency.

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Hamburg University research has proved that human ability to focus and concentrate attention online on certain aspects drops by 8-10%. The same results have been proved by the Associated Press.

Most of the tasks you put your employees require internet connection: data search, comparison, investigation. Unfortunately, internet offers too much attractions as news sites, social networks, online games which distract the attention. Besides, most of the “useful” websites have stepped aside from simply giving information. They require intense interaction with a user now. And the user will not be able to get necessary data without this interaction. It takes time and efforts and reduces the attention. Human mind catches all additional stimuli and shares the attention equally though you may think that when reading a review you are just focused on the review and not on the banner offering to click it and choose a tour to Hawaii.

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Human mind works in the same way in other situations. Our attention is distracted on the business meetings by something going on out of the window, during tasks fulfillment, during preparation of documents. Task management software is developed to solve the problem of distractable employee attention streamlining it from one step to another and from one action to another.

Task management software uses a simple psychological trick to shape the attention of an employee and focus it on the task. Task management applications use powerful visualizing methods to show an employee how many tasks are put, how many are fulfilled and completed, how much time an employee has to complete the tasks. With completion of every step the bar shows the progress and thus an employee sees and feels the progress. This is one of the essential features of the task management software which ensures improved self control, better attention focusing, ultimate visualization of tasks and progresses.

Task management solutions commonly present a standard set of features which are essential for a user. Task initiating and assigning to employees, task fulfillment control and visualization, tasks sorting, using templates, document flow and many others. When choosing a task management software you should be attentive to next features:

  • Social aspect – it is better when the task management software is able to be integrated with a data base of employees otherwise you will need to add every employee by hand and to add all personal data manually. This increases the chance of mistake as well as it takes much time.
  • Ways to control the tasks progress – though you are sure you have the best minds working in your business, still humans are very lazy and they need to be ultimately controlled. Task management software offers different ways to control employees. Time sensitive tasks, a system of alarms and notification, a system of penalties for delays and so on.
  • Data collection and storage for analysis – unfortunately task management software unlike BPM software is not able to analyze data (except of some advanced applications). However it can create a powerful data base for integration with other application.

Key business options to consider - Task management software

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