Comindware Tracker - Workflow Management Software video overeview
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Comindware Tracker - Workflow Management Software video overeview

Comindware recommendations on how to implement BPM software

misuse BPM software.

BPM software is not a solution of all of your business problems. It is just a tool which you should learn to use properly. Comindware company is one of the world's leading developers offering ultimate solutions for any business problem. In this review you will find 6 tips of Comindware experts on how to implement BPM software in your business.

BPM software is a digital brain of your business
  1. Make it simple
    Many clients misunderstand and misuse BPM software. First you should understand that BPM product should optimize business processes but not make them even harder. The result of a newly launched business process should be easy for comprehension and understanding. BPM software visualize in simple details what is hard to understand. It puts schematically and graphically abstract processes and set clear interrelations between them. If a result of your business process is hard to understand then you do something wrong. Split a business process into levels and follow the rule of 7 meaning that every level can have only 7 activities and each level can be explained or described in 5 minutes or less. Make everything simple. By simplification you will be able to communicate the process to wider audience. Besides, it is a well know psychological trick. If something seems simpler then it takes less efforts to be completed and, vice versa, if something simple looks complex and complicated then it will take more efforts to get completed. Use this trick in your business when using BPM software. Simplify!
  2. Start with the simplest process
    It is very hard to estimate which business process should be initial. When creating a new process in BPM software, you should start with the simplest tasks and processes which are components of a more complex business project. If you start wit a global goal then you will most probably fail as it will be hard to make clear what other, simpler processes should be added. Starting from minor processes will save time and efforts and will reduce risks of adding unnecessary processes to the project.
  3. Never neglect professional assistance
    You can not know everything and be an expert in everything. Professional tips and assistance will save time and efforts on comprehension of the BPM software as well as will help to tune it properly for your business. If you will try to do everything on your own without professional aid you may find yourself at the very beginning of the road in a couple of months. Moreover you will be much disappointed and embarrassed.
  4. Mind all applications to integrate
    It is hard to find a business which does not use any digital tools. Before you will buy and integrate your first BPM software mind a scope of applications, platforms and systems which need to be integrated in the BPM software, otherwise you can get an improper product which will not be compatible with products you use.
  5. Data storage
    Take care of where your BP data will be stored before integration of BPM software. You should understand that BPM product is just an element of a business chain. We recommend and even insist on outer storing of data. There is nothing perfect in the world and even the most reliable systems fail to operate. If you will store all the business process data in the BPM system risks are very high that if the system would fail, you will lose your current information.
  6. Security
    Quality BPM software should be secure. Otherwise it can be hacked. In this case your financial information will leak to your partners and competitors. To prevent data leakage you should address to professional assistance to get sure your BPM system is ultimately secure.

You should understand that BPM software is a digital brain of your business displaying every process that is running, has been running or is planned to run in the future.

implement BPM software

Comindware recommendations on how to implement BPM software

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