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Business process automation

Business process automation is a business strategy for reducing costs for staff, minimizing human factor mistakes and optimizing the workflow and its efficiency. This is possible to achieve with a scope of business process automation solutions as integration of business process automation software. In most cases businesses opt for an integral artificial intelligence which tracks all the business processes of the company and features an option of process automation. However such business suites commonly feature a limited option (for example, many BPM suites offer only automated document flow).


Another popular solution among companies which are run with their own intranet is IT system extension. The system gets an extension for desired options and functions and helps to automate desires business processes. This sort of business process automation features great benefits as it supposes that the system will fully meet the needs and demands of a certain company as well as it will function in its natural environment unlike third party systems which need integration and tuning to a new environment. The key down side of this method of business processes automation is lack of human resources to execute the project and make it viable. Many companies engage third party developers, however this is a risky business as there are only few companies on the global IT market being able to execute such extension of custom intranets without damaging its architecture, functionality and performance. Another down side is that it is not a cheap solution even for big companies.

BPA Software

However the cheapest and the most efficient way for any business to get a powerful business application for process automation is to buy a BPA toolset. Many IT-companies develop standard business process automation solutions. But you can also find a company which will be able to design and develop a custom tool for specific needs of your company and business in general. In this case you will be able to get a viable business process automation software which will exactly meet the needs of your business. A custom designed software will also be an expensive solution, but only in this case you will be able to get a system that will ultimately automate the key business processes in your company.

When choosing a business process automation tool, you are advised to consider the next factors:

Adaptability – the system should be easily adapted to the needs and specific business process semantics of your company otherwise you will need to buy another one in a while or to invest into the upgrade of the system which does not completely fit your expectations and demands of your business.

BPA Tools

Scope of functions – explore the functions of the desired tool using demo version of the software. Thus you will be able to understand whether this system fits well into your business or it needs extensions and updates.

The last but not the least option, to pay attention to, is the security of business process automation software. You should understand that this software becomes a part of your business. If it poorly protects the documents, information and data which you will upload to the system, then the secret information of your company may be hacked and drawn to the public domain.

Business process automation Software

Business application for automation of key processes in your company is an essential tool to save costs, speed up the processes and reduce the risks of human mistakes.

One of the common factors slowing down your business is low performance staff. People do many mistakes, the automation tool enables you to exclude people from business processes and thus to level up your business to a new grade of performance and efficiency.

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