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Business process modeling – what is it? Why to use? How to apply?

Business process modeling

Business process modeling is a systematic representation of business processes in business schemes and charts to get clear visibility of what is going on in business or in its part. The modeling helps to detect the weakest and strongest points in business and gives the clearest data for thorough analysis. Moreover the diagrams and charts built with business process modeling software clearly display the overall business in processes and indicate the key factors which slow the business.


The core aim of business process modeling is business process speed increase. Some processes are extremely time consuming due to irrational resource allocation, outdated mechanism and techniques used to run the process or due to low performing staff. Another goal of business process simulation is to reduce cycle time and increase quality of the process. When a common business process is analyzed in parts or virtually, the key factors, which are clogging the way to higher performance, remain unnoticed or are completely out of view of analysts. The business process modeling is an essential solutions for any business.

Why to use business process modeling tools?

Business process modeling – what is it?

Every business leader tries to level up his or her enterprise for higher profit, for success, for recognition. Neglecting business process modeling tool and using old fashioned and traditional methods of company recovery will not lead to a success as the business environment has sufficiently changed for the last decade, not mentioning the last half of the century. Today the business environment is much tougher and more dynamic. Using old fashioned, outdated techniques and methods of business management will not give successful results. You need a powerful analytical tool for your business.

Business process simulation is not a solution in itself, it is a tool for clear visualizing of things and processes in your business. Due to using simple signs and connection objects the charts and diagrams become clear and comprehensible to all the stakeholders (analysts, technicians, managers, and company staff). The simplified schemes help to avoid misunderstanding and ambiguity of interpreting of the processes, the set tasks ad goals. Moreover a clear display of business processes of the company or a certain department of your business will help to show the interrelations of what staff does and what results are achieved. Many companies do not use business process modeling tools and lag behind the leaders of the industry or market segment. Recent research has shown that up to 69% of companies do not have a comprehensive business process idea. The leaders of the companies understand how the processes should work very vague. This leads to functional fails and time failures. Business process modeling tool enables a manager:

  • To visualize all the processes running in the business;
  • Set interrelations between the processes and set goals and functions of every worker in business;
  • Analyze and optimize the processes for acceleration of business success.
Business process modeling –  Why to use?

Business process modeling tools can be free and custom paid. Free business process modeling tool performs the basic features which allow only to represent the processes in simple diagrams. Paid business process modeling software encompasses more analytical functions. The custom software is commonly developed individually according the needs of every certain business and company. Mind that additional functions may not be of great use however will sufficiently add to the cost of the product. Another factor to keep in mind that even well built business process modeling diagrams require thorough analytical approach. Commonly analysts use business process charts as basic source of data for development of strategies and efficient business tactics. Business process simulation is a vital instrument for your business. It is a tool to ease the comprehension of what processes are running in your business and how to allocate human and financial resources with the ultimate efficiency for your business.

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Business process modeling – what is it?

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