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BPMN – make your business process simpler and easier for comprehension

BPMN – make your business process simpler

BPMN is a term which refers to business process management domain. The BPM software unfortunately is unable to completely expel a human factor from business management. The quality of business process flowing depends on many participants: analysts who process the data for creation, refinement and managing of the process, technicians who develop the software and environments for process running, managers who control the flow of the process and business leaders who make vital decisions. Besides, every business has workers running the business. BPMN is software which displays all the business process in comprehensible diagrams, charts, flows and graphics using generally accepted and recognizable symbols, icons and pictures. The latest version is BPMN 2.0 which encompasses a greater scope of business processes and displays them in charts and diagrams. A BPMN diagram is understandable for any participant of the business whether it is an analyst or a technician or a worker. The business process modeling notation helps to fill the gap between all the stakeholders and to clearly set the tasks.

BPMN – make your business process easier for comprehension

Bpmn notation is an effective method of illustrating the business processes in simple symbols. It is a simple and easy way to provide business data to all people and make the information comprehensible. The developers of the bpmn software initially intended it to bridge the communication gap between developers, analysts and managers, but today the BPMN is applied in businesses in a wider aspect.


The charts, flows and diagrams of business process model and notation are used to plan and model the future processes, to provide easily comprehensible and understandable data to investors, to set clear and understandable tasks to employees and to perform easy for analysis metrics. The initial intent of business process management notation has overgrown into a communication bridge between businesses and investors and customers.

The bpmn editor offers a simple environment to create any diagram or a chart using existing data. The workflow editor also enables model and try our various processes in virtual environment. The prediction is based upon the average metrics got from the business workflow.

BPMN 2.0

The bpmn modeling is very simple. The editor provides only three groups of objects named flow objects (geometric figures as circles, triangles, rectangles, each indicating a specific event or process), swimlanes (straight lines uniting flow objects into groups and categories) and objects of connection (performed as solid, dotted or dashed lines and arrows). These are simple signs and symbols which a manager can use for assembling a process. Thus the process will be easily understood by technicians, analysts and workers.

To model a chart for workflow or a diagram for business process results and achievements display is very simple. It does not need special learning or training. The developers of the BPMN have created the environment in the simplest manner possible as you should not waste time on learning how things work instead of using them for business efficiency improvement.

Using BPMN will sufficiently improve business communication as within your business so outsides your company. Simply organized charts and diagrams will show to your partners, clients, investors what is going on in your company. You will easily show your goals and intentions, set tasks and improve the capability of your business to adopt the changes and to adjust to the new standards of international business sphere. The language of signs and symbols will break the linguistic gap between your company and international partners as you will simple explain the processes, results, plans and overall workflow in the simplest symbols.

BPMN is not a substitution or an alternative to BPM tools. It is a proper tool to simpler explain what every department and section and worker of your company should do. Symbols in diagrams and charts feature constant meanings, that is why the chance for ambiguity is rather minimal.

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