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Comindware Tracker - Workflow Management Software video overeview

BPM software — top tech advantages for your business

BPMN – make your business process simpler

BPM software is a complex of management and analytical tools for your business ensuring automation, control and analysis of data in one simple interface. It is one of the latest but already must have technologies for your business which will help to transfer everything online and mobile. Most BPM solutions are web based applications providing 24/7 access to data, projects and processes. Why is it important for your business to be mobile today?

Being mobile means for business being everywhere online and on time. Mobile business platforms simplify business communication and provide essential support to employees who set relations with new partners, investors and clients far behind the walls of the office. Installation and integration of a desktop BPM software means running business backward while all your rivals are running forward.

Just imagine how many new deals could be done if your employees can use real time data taken right from the BPM software and not from the week old reports.

BPMN 2.0

Many vendors and IT developers offer mobile business platforms and web based applications for business process management. However not all of them are equally useful for your business. There are certain aspects of BPM applications on which you should focus to choose an optimum solution for your business.

First of all choosing a BPM software you should consider its performance on any device your employees can use to get the best user experience and use the application full on. Mobility lets your employees stay connected around the clock and get access to the real time data of business processes and projects in your company. Mobile BPM application will provide a centralized view of the processes as they are at the moment. So your employees will use the hottest data to improve and advance your data.

Letting your employees to choose a device to work from will help to sufficiently save costs on hardware amortization and support. Besides, a person feels more comfortable when uses things he or she likes most of all. This will also considerably improve the individual efficiency. Moreover, your employees will get a chance to work on the projects and processes at any time of day and night, within business hours and on weekends.

business communication with BPMN

Mobile BPM software enables you to easily integrate third party people in the process as needed. For example, while brainstorming an idea you need a consultation of an expert. Using mobile BPM application you will easily provide the expert an access to the chats and all necessary information on the project. By doing so you will be able to store all remarks and advices in one place. Does it worth saying that all your employees will be able to access these data at any time and from any device.

Mobile BPM software sufficiently increases productivity. Just think about how many times a project has been delayed in your company due to inability to fast edit or correct the documents. Now, with mobile BPM solution your employees will be able to collaborate on the project and process as well as to work on documents from any place, no matter what a device they have. Advanced BPM applications are well responsive and provide perfect lay out even on the smallest displays.

Mobile or web based BPM solutions are not simple project management software as they feature numerous options as social networking and resource allocation, analysis and process monitoring, efficiency tracking and many others. BPM is a complex of tools. As efficiency and time are the key options of modern business then using a single interface to run and advance your business is much more preferable.

BPM software — top tech advantages for your business

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