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BPM software – the best tool for analytics in your business

Business process analysis – top 5

Business analysis is a complex study of the past and the current business data to advance in the future. BPM software is the best way to analyze data from every domain of your business and to get bright results. Without proper analysis of the past experience and current situation you will run your business blindly in the future. How to benefit from BPM application and to get proper analytical tool?

Not every BPM solution offers proper analytical tools for business to develop. Many vendors offer BPM applications, which are focused on various business domains. Some of the solutions offer resource planning tools and rather mediocre analytical instruments while other BPMs are focused on powerful analysis. In this review we will try to explain why analysis is much more important for your business.

In order to monitor and to continuously improve your business you will need a powerful analytical tool which will consider the mistakes of the past and will predict possible fails in the future for you to take all possible means now. In order to get a really powerful analytical center you will need to explore the next features of your future BPM before buying and integrating it into your business.

Simple visualization is of ultimate importance. Most BPM tools offer the options for analysis. However, when it comes to performing, the results of analysis turn to be uninterpretable. Some of the tools perform very complicated reports which require special skills and analytical business knowledge to read the data and make conclusions. Keep in mind that not all of your employees are analytical or business experts. To be extremely effective they need clear and simple data lay out which they will be able to interpret in a moment and use for better performance of a project or a business process. If the BPM software produces strange complicated analytical reports then they will slow down your business. As employees will be unable to read the reports on their own and will need to pass them to analytical department to be interpreted in a simple form. In such a way it will be impossible to achieve continuous business improvement.

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Simple but all encompassing system of filtering is a must have feature of any BPM software. Your employees need to have access to all the cases, previous business experience and past reports on cases, processes and projects. They need these data every day, every moment to improve current processes and projects. In such a way they will be able to consider past mistakes and escape them I real time and in the future. If the data will be hard to find or the process of data search will require much time, then the employees will just not use the analytical tool and will run the processes and projects blindly making the same mistakes.


Instant reporting is the same essential feature of a BPM complex. Your employees may need current report at any time of day and night especially if you run international business. Being able to get instant report using the real time data of business process or project, a report on the progress as it is now is an ultimate tool. This will make your business open and clear for your clients, investors and partners. Nobody will need to wait to get a real time report and to find out how the process or project goes now.

There are too many things you should consider when choosing a BPM software. Of course, you can use other tools which are more specific to get reports of the exact business domain as, for example, workflow automation software. However, think about how many interfaces your employees should use instead of getting a single BPM complex providing all the analytical data in one place!

BPM software – the best tool for analytics in your business

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