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If you don’t know what’s going on in your department or your company right now, you are trying to manage a ‘blind system’. Even process automation doesn’t give you enough insight into daily company activity in this case. The holistic approach is a combination of tools you can put together around your automated processes to gain visibility. Here is what you can do:


Back in the day when social task management tools were unheard of, managers scheduled team meetings to distribute tasks and/or check members’ task statuses. Meetings were also required to discuss task execution challenges and brainstorm ways to ensure effective task management. Progress reports were then sent as a spreadsheet, or some other file type, via the company’s internal shared drive or through email.


There’s Springpad. There’s Evernote. There’s Google Tasks and TeuxDeux. There’s a ton of personal task management software to choose from out there – perhaps hundreds, if not thousands – and depending on whom you’re asking, one is significantly better than the other. But “personal” being the operative word, one is inclined to ask, what does a personal task management software have to do with team-based tasks and enterprise-wide projects?


A tool to help optimize project management execution and initiate ease of communication, your team project management software has a big role to play. Choosing the right one for your projects and teams is crucial.

They say the ultimate inspiration is the deadline. While that is true, the fact remains that deadlines are stressful. Still, without deadlines, there’s no way to tell if the works of art and technological conveniences we all are enjoying today will ever come to fruition. Without a deadline, what’s to stop you from taking forever to finish school or work on your life’s goals?


Workflow automation, marketing automation, email automation, and then there’s Google’s entry into the smart home space via its recent purchase of Nest, a big step towards what Cisco calls the Internet of Everything. Anywhere you look nowadays, there’s got to be something that’s automated somehow. While not everything can be automated or made more efficient by software, the fact remains that some things are too complex and/or repetitive to tackle manually, and that certain data can be too valuable to be left sitting idle for long with unstructured data.


When it comes to optimizing work processes or finding out what went wrong and why, you need visibility which Comindware Tracker ensures with one of its numerous great features. Today it’s time to tell you about the history tab which every work item has and how this tab can not only help you optimize your company processes, but also find out where exactly you have weak points in your processes and team work.


Are your employees feeling genuine interest in their current activities? Are they satisfied with what they have done and what are currently doing? If you have answered ‘Yes’ to both of these questions, you’ve definitely built a good team. And most probably you have already used some gamification techniques in your company. You never heard about it? “Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in a non-game context to engage users and solve problems” – that’s the definition from Wikipedia.


25% of CIOs claim they see a significant gap in employees’ skills related to the Business Process Management area, which eventually leads to negative impact on businesses. Is it possible to fix this problem without pouring huge investment into the training employees? The solution probably lies in the area of simpler adaptive business process management systems, which do not require excessive learning before an average user can start working in the new online environment.


Implementation of Internal communication with Web 2.0 technologies\social technologies results in:

  • 32% operational costs reduction
  • 22% reduction in time to market for product services

Building standards for the industry is sometimes a requirement that cannot be avoid, as is the case for financial activity, product certification, education – and many others, where standards are usually required by government.


If you’re following our blog for some time already, you already know a lot about the benefits which BPM brings to your company. I can count many of them, including visibility, higher efficiency and productivity, control over daily operations and more predictable results, and much more, of course.


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