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Track software bugs with the help of Comindware Tracker

They say that everything has a story of its own; a kind of a legend made of thousands of tiny details, memories it carries around with it. And indeed any software product is not an exception, that’s why every bug tracking system based on our Comindware Tracker also has its own story to tell.

Software Bug Tracking Simplified with Comindware Tracker

Sooner or later any IT company engaged in software development runs into the need to use bug tracking software. At first, when your company is small in size napkins may do to record bugs.

Napkins for bug tracking :)

E-mailing would also do.

Using emails as bug tracking system

Or even Excel spreadsheets.

Excel spreadsheet as bug tracking software

However, as the company advances forth and grows in size, it starts feeling the need for a more efficient and sophisticated tool capable of managing work process, tracking bugs, automatically updating statuses and gathering statistics. Most importantly, since there are at least two people involved in fixing a bug – a developer and a QA tester, the tool must have networking and collaboration capabilities in order to efficiently help those guys deal with bugs.

“…the first version of Comindware Tracker was released, we began using it in-company as a bug tracking system.”

That’s why the moment the first version of Comindware Tracker was released, we began using it in-company as a bug tracking system; by doing that we managed to achieve three major goals at the same time. Firstly, we got the bug tracking system set up for our needs; secondly, we tested it in natural conditions fixing bugs in a corporation, which by all means adds to its value; thirdly, we understood what else we have to fit it with so it becomes an ultimate, reliable and simple bug tracking solution.

At first the workflow of bug fixing diagram looked pretty plain.

Simple bug tracking workflow

Although the bug report form was fairly complete and had all the necessary fields.

Bug tracking form builder

Dozens of new functions were added as the project moved forward (we mainly tried to equip it with everyday features we may need in routine work) and by accurately adjusting the work process Comindware Tracker started shaping into a more elaborate and sound bug tracking system which helped us fight back the endless job list we had.

Rules for workflow

Also, thanks to Comindware Tracker we managed to get several other departments into working together, easily changing the workflow on-the-fly the way we wanted.

Complex bug tracking workflow

Soon afterwards the bug report form was refined and worked out in more detail.

Customized bug tracking form

It’s worth noting that upon making changes to the workflow or bug report form you won’t put the work of the whole department out, you won’t need to checkout, make any new workflow diagrams or copy repositories. None of that kind; our bug tracking software system is really that easy, you just need to change whatever you want and then save it.

“…our bug tracking software system is really that easy, you just need to change whatever you want and then save it.”

And, as a matter of course, usage of data graphs turns out to be the easiest way to evaluate how good the tested products are. Bug statistics are monitored on-line by using dashboards and an array of necessary widgets.

Bug tracking statistics dashboard

The notification mailout system can easily be adjusted so it responds to the changes made straight away.

Notification settings

When necessary you can create lists of key issues to be tracked hands down.

And at long last we got a perfect bug tracking software helping us evaluate the quality of the products tested, track detected and fixed bugs and follow all tasks and requests made by other users.

Finally, we used Comindware Tracker to set up several other trackers: customers requests tracker and a product features and requirements tracker to aid new product development. Recorded features are grouped into product libraries and all the bugs found during their testing are also conveniently references within the feature entries. This forms a product development system that’s easy to use and set up. All based on Comindware Tracker alone.

We are more than sure that it’s story is still far from being finished.


Nikolay Zubkov is QA Director at Comindware.
Nikolay has more than 15 years of professional experience in software testing, quality assurance, process and problem management in IT industry.

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