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As an enterprise expands in scope, workload increases. Automation of repetitive work becomes mandatory, as a consequence. Because of the scalability and cost-effectiveness of cloud-based software solutions, among other things, to improve the efficacy of a company’s workflow, cloud implementation is one of the first considered options.


Prepping for a boxing match is no walk in the park. A lot is dependent on the game plan. And if the plan isn’t carefully thought out, barring a lucky punch come show time, a defeat isn’t too far behind.


As businesses evolve and more work needs to be done, the conventional solution is to either overwork the people or hire more people to do all the extra work. As things stand nowadays, companies cannot afford to keep hiring more people. High-skilled jobs are already difficult and expensive to fill, and getting more people on board to do low-skilled and sometimes merely repetitive tasks can set cost-saving goals back.

This is where business process automation (BPA) solutions come in handy.


Project management success is largely dependent on the individual and collective contributions of the people comprising a company. If staff workload is not properly managed and allocated, the dominoes start falling – some team members juggle their time between projects, all the while trying to keep a work-life balance, others don’t meet deadlines because they’re not equipped with the right set of skills or competencies to get the job done, changing priorities up workforce frustration a notch further, and the list goes on and on.


Marketing fuels the success of any business. Even if you do offer the best product or service in the entire planet, without marketing, the likelihood of your business failing before taking off is greater. Marketing isn’t necessarily an easy endeavor. It’s not a one-time event, either, but an ongoing and dynamic process that grows and evolves as the market evolves. Even big and established brands like Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Starbucks and Nike continually engage in marketing activities to maintain the edge they’ve built through the years in their respective markets.


From low end to midrange to high end, the IT market is teeming with a whole slew of project management software to choose from. Having a lot of choices, however, isn’t always a good thing. Analysis paralysis isn’t a pretty thing. And then, there, too, are buyer’s remorse and finding yourself stuck with a software system that may not withstand the test of time.


The efficiency and speed at which work is carried out via the invention of the conveyor belt and the introduction of robots in factories are just two of the numerous business process automation benefits manufacturing organizations enjoy today.

As it stands, business process automation has gone beyond factories, and with the growing importance of the Internet in the way many companies conduct their businesses, the ability to respond to customer requests and buying patterns, or turn an aberration into a marketing win in real-time can score a huge differentiation edge. Differentiation, particularly in this highly competitive marketplace, is another of the many business process automation benefits companies can bank on.


It’s no secret that project management benefits go beyond just the client. They extend to the project manager, the team, the company, its other clients, even third-party vendor partners. Efficiency, customer satisfaction, team development, better flexibility, increased competitive edge, more opportunities to expand the company’s services, client confidence, lessons learned – there’s no denying that the project management benefits to be gained are many.

You may insist that it’s not a requisite, but it pays to have a trusted tool that reaps the benefits of project management software to facilitate project planning and analysis.


Time is gold. And while it’s a cliché you probably hope to never hear again, it’s the truth. Time saved is gold saved, and that is perhaps one of the foremost benefits of workflow automation.

The benefits of workflow automation are numerous. That’s owing to the fact that when you save a ton of time with workflow automation software, there’s a whole slew of other things you save as well – perhaps not gold in the literal sense, but things that eventually lead to more gold.

For this article, we will review the benefits of an HR automation software.


There are no silver bullets to project management success, but there are basic principles to keep in mind when planning and executing a project – from laying the groundwork to estimating the project, from developing the plan to tracking its progress. One such principle focuses on resource management solutions and falls within the project estimation phase.

By resource, we generally mean people, time and budget. But for this particular article, we will focus our efforts on the people piece of the overall pie.


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