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Are were looking for new employee checklist templates? The employee checklist and the process diagram are shown right below and the diagram will expand with a click. We also add a couple of words about a rather simple way to optimize the onboarding process with the help of hiring software by Comindware, and this can presumably save an appreciable part of your working time.


Carrying out a thorough and error-free payroll process is a legal requirement that all businesses should comply with. This is to make sure that employees’ W-4 forms are properly filled and that their taxes and retirement plan fees are accurately deducted. To certify that this runs properly, a company requires payroll management software. It will simplify payroll calculations and eliminate repeat jobs. (more…)

A travel request approval workflow is among the most imperative businesses processes a company should have. It is specifically needed by companies that permit employees to travel for business. Without a flawless workflow, you can expect to see one or all of these challenges. First, you will depend on spreadsheet and email for your travel request management tasks. (more…)

There are two entities that keep a business running smoothly. These are customers and suppliers. The problem that most entrepreneurs have is focusing too much on pleasing the customer. What they fail to realize is that suppliers are equally important. Without them the customer’s needs cannot be met. If you have been less professional with your suppliers, this is the best time to embrace change—automated invoice management. It is the only thing you require to improve your invoicing. Manual invoice management tends to be slow, erroneous, tedious and costly in the long run. In this era of technological development, you no longer need to do manual invoice processing.


If you are unhappy with how your finance staff tackles budgeting, act on it now. Manual budgeting never ends well. In the long process of creating, disbursing, collecting and merging records, manually, errors and omissions do arise. These can be costly errors that could have an impact on overall business performance. Are you still using Excel spreadsheets? If so, you should shift to an advanced budget management method that could manage your spreadsheets more effectively. This will eradicate several challenges that your finance team has been facing. For instance, it will save time that gets wasted when your staff has to reorganize all invoices so they can have a similar format. As well, the amounts of emails and phone calls that were earlier exchanged to establish the status of every budgeting task will reduce.


Does the idea of managing expenses for your employees seem overwhelming with managing details, going through piles of papers and analyzing facts and figures to find out which ones to process? Well, workflow tools like Comindware Tracker come handy for expense management.


The manual method in accounts payable processing is a tremendous task taken by designated individuals in a company work frame. It is so much more strenuous and tedious process in addition to the long line of workflow for accountants. Thus, manual operation has great tendencies for mistakes and failures which cause undesirable effects to the production flow, time, and cost. Read on for details of accounts payable evolution and get risk-free trial of Comindware Tracker to automate your payable workflow process and financial management in a snap.


Purchasing Manager’s day is full of efforts to handle purchase order requests, verify the details of requisitions, ensure policies compliance, correcting errors and finding out what went wrong. It is hard work and we should do something about that.

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Stoneham, MA – May 3, 2017 – Comindware, a leading provider of Workflow Management Software, announces the availability of Comindware Tracker new version to further improve and enhance the low-code workflow management software it provides to its customers. Updated Comindware Tracker provides new features and further ease-of-use, focusing on improving access management and end user adoption. (more…)

Workflow management might have the illusion of an academic, MBA pedigreed, onerous philosophy requiring years of education to conquer and effectively disseminate to the workforce. Small and medium business managers may feel inadequate to get workflow definition clear and tackle such a lofty principle. However, you already manage workflows every day under the guise of accomplishing your daily work. The key is to become aware of how you step through your daily workflows and add in tools to help clarify and communicate.


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