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Timely decisions play a vital role in deciding the route for the success of an organization. However, the decision making workflow is often affected by inefficient practices and manual procedures for request-approval-implementation cycle.


The organizations dealing in the financial sector such as banking and consumer finance need to skim through and manage critical data and monetary details every single day. They need to process the data and information at hand to manage critical tasks. Even day to day process workflows can turn out to be arduous and complicated that include:


As an owner of a small or middle-size business, you will always make long-term and short-term goals. To assess your progress toward the achievement of those goals, you should use various types of KPIs . A KPI (Key performance Indicator) is used to track the success level of a contract or project. In addition, this benchmark can be used by each department within an organization. Maybe you are still asking this question: What is kpi? To understand more about this measurement tool, and how it is used to measure service delivery and projects, read on.


There are plenty of organizations today that keep an antiquated paper-based method for asset inspection. The latter is described by many people as multifaceted and multiple aspects in a normal organizational workflow that will scrutinize at every area of the business.


Business processes require data to be efficient. However, more data is generated as the process moves forward and it has to be managed well to maintain the integrity of the processes being completed. Unfortunately, it can be simple for an employee or group of employees to stray from a business process to try and complete something faster. This type of straying can have a negative impact on the outcome and interfere with overall productivity, which can have a negative impact customer satisfaction. This can be expensive.


It may be true that mistakes are just part of being human, though this mantra is inadmissible for highly intricate and stringent operations such as new account applications and loan approvals as well as other crucial banking workflow processes. However, despite this firm guideline, a lot of banks have endured irrelevant errors because they were extremely dependent on the manual paper-based procedures.


Leading industry analyst group, Ovum, has featured Comindware in its “On the Radar” series. The report, titled “On the Radar: Comindware simplifies low-code development and process management”, discusses Comindware’s BPM software for development of enterprise business apps for all kinds of business needs.


Companies of all sizes face workflow challenges. If you own a company with more or fewer than 50 employees or you are a department head who knows that the company is hemorrhaging money because of workflow problems, you need a solution. First, you must identify the problems to understand what is needed to solve them.


Sometimes you must make a concerted effort to root out inefficiencies and smart workflow management surely helps in this situation. Workflow process mapping is one of the most important steps in managing workflows smartly. Whether you specifically define them or not, your organization has workflows, because that’s how things get done – how products get made and how services get delivered. The problem with undefined workflows is that they often develop quickly, out of need, and not necessarily with enough foresight to make them efficient. Then, over time, that inefficient workflow becomes entrenched, making the inefficiency harder to break out of. Read on for workflow process mapping basics and get risk-free trial of Comindware Tracker to put it into practice and dramatically improve your business effectivity right away.

The most tangible benefit of good business process management (BPM) is Cost Efficiency that can mean decreased costs and increased revenue. While the rest of benefits BPM delivers is intangible in the short term, they add crucial value in the long run, and help both small and huge companies with gearing up for worldwide competition. BPM technology makes any company better equipped to switch gears, respond to its changing business environment faster than competitors, and succeed!


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