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Say you are working on a process for your business that isn’t running smoothly and raises a lot of problems and delays. It makes sense to change the process, but you want to make sure that the ways you are thinking of changing said processes aren’t going to make the problem worse. You want to know that it will actually solve the issue. This is where business process simulation comes in and though you may not have heard of it, it is incredibly important.


Automated workflow software can dramatically improve the efficiency of so many elements of your business. It provides a powerful suite of tools that make it easy to automate certain processes, track and monitor data, increase transparency, improve efficiency and so much more. Not all software is created equal, however, as some tools are better suited for those with more technical skills than others.


Business process management may be a term you have or have not heard of, but it will become ever more important as time goes on. Also referred to as BPM, this is where improvements in efficiency, reduction in error, and innovation in business processes are initiated. This is an incredibly important part of business, that has long taken a ton of time to think about, implement, and manage.


New year came and we believe it is the right time to get insight into workflow management system trends shaping 2021 and suggesting valuable ideas for improving your business effectiveness. Recent years it has become common for CIO to delve into workflow management through the lens of digital transformation, which is all about ensuring your business is ready to welcome the future and succeed. In this article, we’ll dive into the key workflow management trends with respect to digital transformation context and bring to recollection 2018-2020 trends which are still actual.

Technology, markets, and customers change, and workflow monitoring is necessary so that business processes continually meet the needs of a competitive marketplace. The first step in accomplishing this is workflow analysis, so you can accurately evaluate current workflows. Workflow analysis basically includes continuous workflow monitoring, analysis of individual steps in workflow automation processes, and how those steps are connected to each other. Sometimes a single change in one part of a process can accelerate (or slow down) subsequent parts of a process. Workflow analysis benefits businesses in numerous ways. Read on for 5 of the most important of those ways. (more…)

One key part of employee dissatisfaction is using old techniques that waste time and money, leaving more work for employees than is necessary to deal with a given process. This is still often especially true when it comes to leave management.

Leave management simply refers to the management of employee leave, whether it is sick leave, vacation time, or some other form of leave. Outmoded tools mean this process takes way more time and effort than is necessary, especially when there are so many great automation tools that take all the frustration and guesswork out of the process.


To get ahead and achieve success in the world of business today, one has to be willing to innovate, try new things, and remain flexible with the ever-changing times. There is a lot of impetus to reduce costs and increase efficiency and that tends to be the focus of many successful and growing businesses. Learning how to get the results you want, while improving efficiency, lowering costs, and increasing transparency might seem like a far too daunting goal, but it is not.


Though most of us work at places that have a slightly more sophisticated system of employee timesheet management than the old punch card, the concept is still largely the same. Some might use badges, fingerprint scanners, and the like, but it is still associated with a system that must be managed by human beings, which takes time and leaves room open for delays and error. Timesheets are clearly an important part of any work environment, but the technology we use to manage this part of the business can be lacking.


Business process analysis is an important and not well-understood aspect of business management. The term refers to a set of methods used to track and learn about the efficiency of various business processes. It is a means by which one can determine how well their strategic planning is working and how well they are meeting any set goals.


Tracking and managing expenses are some of the most important and vital aspects of running a business. Finding ways to make the process more efficient and transparent is incredibly useful to business success. With expenses from different organizations and money coming in and out of the business at different times, it is easy for delays to occur when humans are responsible for management. This is why many are looking towards automation software as a means to streamline and reduce errors in this process.

With the advent of the cloud and advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, automation software is now incredibly powerful and can provide an immense benefit to businesses large and small. These are powerful and innovative suites of software that take a lot of the tedium and headaches out of managing business expenses.


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