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The efficiency and speed at which work is carried out via the invention of the conveyor belt and the introduction of robots in factories are just two of the numerous business process automation benefits manufacturing organizations enjoy today.

As it stands, business process automation has gone beyond factories, and with the growing importance of the Internet in the way many companies conduct their businesses, the ability to respond to customer requests and buying patterns, or turn an aberration into a marketing win in real-time can score a huge differentiation edge. Differentiation, particularly in this highly competitive marketplace, is another of the many business process automation benefits companies can bank on.


Cloud-based collaboration tools are becoming more and more popular. From instant messaging to file and document management, from video conferencing to remote access, from collaborative mind-mapping to knowledge sharing, and everything in between, there’s most possibly a cloud-based app you can try. The popularity of cloud-based collaboration tools isn’t unfounded, particularly if your business is unable to keep up with the demands (infrastructure, talent, server maintenance and upkeep, etc.) of an on-premise server deployment to power your collaboration needs.


Agile is a powerful word, a methodology that has proven to be quite a success that sometimes, when people hear it, they think it’s a magic project management solution or formula that’s going to wipe away all their process and project management woes for good.


Whether they’re across the globe, country, locality, or floors in the same building, more and more companies are relying on the efforts of distributed teams. This is one of several reasons why online project collaboration tools are being widely used today. Online project collaboration tools are more manageable, highly deployable, support cross-platform compatibility and mobility, among others, for a fraction of the amount most businesses spend to keep and maintain an on-premise server.


When handling company crises, versatility is the name of the game. Versatility means flexibility, and flexibility in critical business situations entails effective communication among involved parties – staff on the ground, management, and support personnel. Needless to say, your collaboration tools for business can play an essential role in overcoming trying business circumstances.


If you want to be a successful leader, you must always think how to improve your team members’ performance. Today, I’m going to share several real-life examples of how Comindware Tracker can be used to decrease the time your employees spend on routine daily tasks.


According to a Pew Internet survey, as of September 30, 2013, 73% of online adults use social networking sites. Aside from the intrinsic rewards of self-disclosure, social media presents a host of advantages when done right: meeting like-minded people, community support, staying on top of the latest news and events, lively and thought-provoking discussions, among other things.


In the modern world, there are plenty of information technology advancements that can help you unite and focus your team effort even in case half of it is remote. Your employees can reside in different offices, in different countries and you can still stay in touch with them. Mostly, this is possible because of the Internet and modern business process management web-systems. Being a good leader even in case you need to manage your team online is as easy (and as hard) as being a good leader in any situation. Here we brought you some tips.


According to a survey of 500+ executives published by Accenture in 2013, 93% of businesses ranked innovation among the top 10 of their strategic priorities, 18% putting it at the top of the priority pile, and only 1% considering it not important. Interestingly, only 18% believe that innovation is resulting in competitive advantage.


Before the start of every year, trend predictions are all the rage – whether that be in areas like IT, fashion, content marketing, social media, software development. You name it, there’s likely a list of to-watch-out-for trends attached to it.


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