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Comindware Tracker Rated #1 Workflow Management Software at CrowdReviews

Today we’re delighted to share that Comindware Tracker has been ranked the #1 Workflow Management Software based on real-user reviews on CrowdReviews, a popular software user review site. To add to the excitement, Comindware Tracker came in the best against 50 other workflow management solutions.G2 Crowd provides ratings based on client experiences for over 60,000 companies and help businesses with making intelligent purchasing decisions. Companies that deliver positive experiences and attract positive feedback get ranked higher than those that don’t. Workflow management software by Comindware got 4.8 out of 5 Feedback Score from its users for positive experience, resulting in it being recognized as the #1 workflow management solution.

Comindware Founder, President and CEO, Max Tsypliaev, said:
At Comindware, everything we do is dedicated to making sure we deliver the highest value to our customers and positive feedback fuel our business decisions. We will go on putting our clients first and equipping them with powerful and flexible solutions to solve their business challenges and succeed
This particular award means a lot for Comindware team because it came straight from the customers and we’d like to express our gratitude for their reviews and CrowdReviews for the recognition. Please, visit Comindware Tracker’s page on to check our user reviews and submit your own feedback!

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