Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and Service Inventory Software

CMDB and Service Inventory Software

Configuration Management Database (CMDB) delivers an integrated view on IT assets, technologies and services and this way plays the central role in core ITSM processes – such as Change and Problem Management, Configuration and Asset Management, Fulfillment and SLA Management.

Comindware CMDB and Service Inventory provides a federated representation of all managed resources and enables complete configuration lifecycle management with focus on service impact analysis and service quality.

Leveraging the award-winning graph-based data modeling technology Comindware ElasticData, Сomindware CMDB and Service Inventory supports both small business and enterprise implementations through unlimited data and process scaling capabilities.

Comindware Configuration Management Database (CMDB) software allows to serve multiple external and internal customers delivering both established ITIL CMDB and next-gen ITSM functionality and uniquely supports Cloud and subscription based offerings for managed service providers, system integrators and telecom operators.

  • Single point of reference for managed resources, assets and services
  • Ability to support complex hybrid network, IT and service infrastructure
  • Seamless integration between Fulfilment, Assurance and Operation processes

CMDB Software Features

Comindware CMDB and Service Inventory
Ordering and Fulfillment

Comindware CMDB and Service Inventory enables feasibility checks for new services as well as impact analysis and forecasting for service modification scenarios.

Learn more about Ordering & Fulfillment

Impact Analysis and SLA Management
Impact Analysis and SLA Management

Comindware Configuration Management Database (CMDB) software allows to correlate infrastructure events with customer-facing services and the related SLA’s, provides business impact analysis and calculates potentially incurred penalties as a result of the system fallout.

Learn more about SLA Management

Service Request Management in CMDB
Service Request Management

Pre-integrated with Comindware IT Service Desk, Comindware CMDB allows to flexibly configure incident and problem prioritization based on business requirements, SLA’s and customer specific criteria.

Learn more about Service Request Management

Incident Management
Incident Management

Comindware supports established ITIL Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Incident Management functions and extends those with additional capabilities of resource and group task management, which allows to restore interrupted or failed IT services significantly quicker.

Learn more about Incident Management

Problem Management
Problem Management

Comindware CMDB and Service Inventory provides facilitated Problem and Change Management through pre-integrated Process and Project Management. It allows to prevent recurring incidents and problems and minimize their impact on the business.

Learn more about Problem Management

Change Management
Change Management

Comindware CMDB software allows to register, schedule, authorize and implement changes to all managed resources considering business requirements, configuration dependencies and potential SLA impact.

Learn more about Change Management

Asset Management
Asset Management

The Asset Management function of Comindware CMDB and Service Inventory enables a budget view of the IT assets and supports full asset lifecycle management.

Learn more about Asset Management

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
Configuration Management

Comindware CMDB software allows to define configuration items and their interdependencies and store them centrally, this way enabling a federated view on all managed IT resources, assets and services.

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