IT Service Management

Customer-focused ITSM software for MSP’s, VAR’s and Telco’s

With the advent of new IT services – including combinations of Cloud, Subscription and on-Premises based – the existing IT Service Management software becomes no longer sufficient to maintain business productivity.

Today, advanced ITSM software needs to enable a holistic business view of all IT functions as well as equally provide for standard ITIL-focused capabilities and next-gen must-haves’ such as self-service portals, mobile UI and social collaboration.

And even more importantly, IT Service Management solutions need to be flexible and configurable enough to precisely match the varying and quickly evolving IT requirements of internal and external ITSM users.

Among the key capabilities, the next-gen IT Service Management solution needs to provide:

  • Focus on customer requirements, customer service and SLA Management
  • Strong support for self-service/self-healing and social collaboration
  • Availability both on web and mobile platforms


  • Need to provide and support complex hybrid services
  • Ability to provide high-value high margin SLA-based services
  • Lack of service quality monitoring and self-service
  • Inability to support ad hoc new service offerings or service configuration on the fly

Comindware ITSM Solution

Comindware IT Service Management solution enables customer-facing IT organizations to provide the full array of IT fulfillment and assurance services – such as IT Request Management, Incident and Problem Management, Asset and Configuration Management – based on Comindware IT Service Catalog, customer Self-Service Portal and the pre-integrated Social Collaboration Environment.

Comindware ITSM software allows to automate both IT Process and Data Management for internal and external users and provides cloud-based IT Service Management that is quick to deploy and easy to configure.

Comindware IT Service Management software supports the entire customer lifecycle, including:

Key components of the IT Service Management solution are:

Finally, Comindware IT Service Management software ensures that the IT organization is able to become the primary point of contact for its customers – specifically focusing on high priority customer service and SLA compliance – and covering not only the short service setup phase, but most importantly the entire service consumption cycle.

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  • Ability to sell and fulfill complex hybrid IT services combining on-Premise and Cloud
  • Central point of contact and single point of truth
  • Advanced service monitoring and SLA management
  • Self-service portal, social collaboration and knowledge management
  • Full support for service configuration and customization

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Powerful and easy workflow management tool you were seeking. Risk-free trial!

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