Business Process Automation

Benefits of Business Process Automation

  • Improve business operations performance
  • Enhance visibility into business processes
  • Reduce costs and risks of malfunctioning processes

Comindware® provides a comprehensive Business Process Automation Solution covering all business process management steps from analysis and modeling to automation and reporting.

Comindware Business Process Automation Solution is based on the innovative ElasticData technology and allows non-technical users to design, run and modify business processes with drag-and-drop simplicity and minimizes dependency on IT staff.

In addition to Business Process Automation software, Comindware provides a comprehensive Data Management that allows management of business data inseparably from business processes.

Visual Process Designer for Quick AutomationComindware

Visual Process Designer for Quick Automation

Comindware business process modeling tool allows process modelling in a visual web-based process designer that does not require any desktop software – just launch the browser and change the process on the fly.

Visual Form Builder for Automated ProcessesComindware

Visual Form Builder for Automated Processes

Web Forms are core elements of the Business Process Automation software that allow defining what process performers will see on their screens when working on the processes.

Data ManagementComindware

Data Management

Adding business data management to business process automation software ensures minimization of end user experience degradation since all the data and processes are managed in a unified environment.

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