Business Process Analysis

  • Define process bottlenecks and resource overload
  • Optimize business process and improve process performance
  • Reduce costs and achieve business process continuity

Business process analysis is the foundation of any business process optimization initiative. Comindware business process monitoring tool enables timely determination of business process breaks and malfunctioning.

Business process analysis starts with definition of measurable parameters that have to be monitored and managed. Also Key Performance Indicators (KPI) can be defined to be tracked on a regular basis.

Comindware business process analysis tool is based on the innovative ElasticData technology and allows business analysts to design, run and modify business processes with no need of IT resource engagement, reduces IT expenses and ensures quick-win change of business processes according to business needs.

Visual reporting provides managers with an intuitive representation of the business process execution and helps identify process bottlenecks, resource overload and other performance criteria.

Business Process ModelingComindware
Business Process Modeling

Comindware® provides a business process modeling tool available in any web browser, which makes it easy and quick deal to set up business process and correcting them of the fly.

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Business Process AnalysisComindware

Business Process Analysis

When the business process is modeled or after it has been executed and process performance statistics has been gathered, it is made possible to analyze process performance and make optimization improvements.

Business Process Monitoring: KPI, SLAComindware

Business Process Monitoring: KPI, SLA

Performance parameters allow measurement and evaluation of business processes in terms of cold numbers. It makes it possible to identify key problems and improvements as well as to measure the actual impact of the changes.

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