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ConnectStep® Technology unites Workflow Coordination and Task Management tools in a single system. This means that users don’t need to switch between different systems and handle different types of work differently: all the work is gathered in a single task list and managed with a full-fledged Task Management application. Tasks that are actually part of a whole workflow are automatically generated and delivered directly into users’ task inbox by the ConnectStep® Technology to be managed along with all other tasks. It works like this:

In each step of the workflow, a personalized task with due date, priority, description, and the rest, is delivered to the user’s task inbox were he can collaborate with other team members, read attachments, provide additional information, and so on. After the task is completed, ConnectStep® Technology generates the next step task and assigns it to the appropriate team member. So team members don’t need to think about the whole workflow behind each task: they just complete their tasks and Comindware Tracker keeps things moving in the right order at the right time!

ConnectStep® makes it easier for users to work with workflows that are an integral part of the day-to-day task management experience.

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