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Streamline Workflow Automation

Execute processes as a sequence of Tasks automatically generated by the Workflow Engine. Comindware assigns tasks to the right person, once a previous workflow step is completed.

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Create custom forms

Bind processes and data together through fully customizable forms. Comindware makes it easier to elaborate on forms thanks to the graphical Form Builder. Visually create forms with any layout and fields to collect all data needed for successful process execution.

Set your own rules

One rule doesn’t accommodate all needs. Get full freedom in defining individual time- and condition-based workflow transitions and notifications. Set transitions to be automatically triggered after a pre-defined period of time or based on form values.

Process data automatically

Create rules to validate and automatically modify form fields depending on a workflow step or form data. Comindware lets you involve appropriate team members into a process, allow or deny a certain transition, or calculate field values using Comindware Expression language.

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Workflow Automation Software

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Automate and manage workflow processes — with just a few clicks. Easily combine a sequence of tasks into a process and graphically build an automated workflow for that process — without coding. Generate next-step tasks to track issues and automate workflows so you save time and improve results. Using flexible workflow automation tools, easily modify processes on a wide variety of business activities, including issue tracking, approvals, change requests and on-boarding. Plus, graphical, role-based dashboards and reporting widgets in-built in the Comindware business automation software provide convenient charts for analysis. This online workflow automation management software lets you log in from anywhere, anytime.

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