Team Task Management

Choose your own way to juggle tasks

Manage personal to-do lists along with team tasks. Comindware Tracker lets you manually create and assign individual tasks when needed, as well as automatically generate workflow tasks with pre-defined due dates and priorities.

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Collaborate and share

Collaborate on tasks, and keep all the files in a centralized place. No undocumented meetings. No lost email conversations. Streamline scattered communications via file sharing and threaded discussions. Integrated Document Management and File versioning helps you easily find the right version of the same file, so you don’t lose time on working with the wrong one.

Create unlimited sub-tasks

Unlike other task management tools, Comindware allows you to create and manage an unlimited hierarchy of sub-tasks. This way, everyone knows what to do and when without losing time on unnecessary emails, calls, or meetings. You can also schedule recurring tasks to be created automatically, or easily reassign tasks when required.

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Track changes in real-time

Get your tasks under control by tracking time spent and any changes made to a task, by whom, and when. Comindware provides a full change history on each task. Stay in the loop with any updates via automated notifications and add other followers to ensure everyone is on the same page.

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Streamline team collaboration with a help of Comindware Tracker, ultra-flexible software that includes notable web based task management features. Thanks to these comprehensive task management software capabilities, you can easily organize scattered work into trackable tasks, so everyone on a team knows what to do and when. This online task management software makes it easy to access from anywhere and anytime. Comindware Tracker provides you with group task management and task tracking functionality that goes beyond the level of personal tasks. Apart from creating and assigning tasks manually, let Comindware task management system automatically generate tasks with pre-defined due dates and priorities. Comindware Tracker also makes it possble to manage an unlimited hierarchy of sub-tasks, unlike with standard task management tools. All the above combined with robust workflow software capabilities turns Comindware Tracker into the best task management software you could find for your team.

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