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Control processes in real-time

Get the immediate status of any process and track progress in time, so you can make better management decisions. Comindware provides you with robust visual analytics on what’s currently happening, as well as reporting widgets to follow historical business performance. This way you can identify any issues before they turn into process bottlenecks.

Analyze business performance in any format

Focus on what matters most by customizing Reports based on priority, status, due date, and any other criteria you define with a Visual Query Builder. List views and Dashboards are easily configurable with a use of multi-level grouping and filtering.

Share reporting Insights

Collaborate on further analysis with others by exporting custom Reports to Excel or any other application, thanks to Comindware Web Services API. No need to prepare reports manually every week – graphical Workflow Engine can automatically send them to appropriate recipients at the pre-defined time.

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Business Process Analysis

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The powerful business process analysis software capabilities of Comindware Tracker provide real-time visibility into what's happening in any of your departments. Track the status of tasks and processes using viasual dashboards, customizable lists and views. Check “My Active Tasks”, tasks of team members, completed tasks, overdue tasks, and more. Sort by owner, status, priority, due date, or other criteria, to get the picture you need. Graphical, role-based dashboards and reporting widgets provide convenient charts for reporting and business process analysis. Visual dashboards are fully customizable and searchable thanks to the flexibility of business process analysis tools of Comindware Tracker. Plus you can use complex criteria and provide extensive sorting and grouping features to tailor reporting to your needs.

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