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Comindware Tracker
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Microsoft Office Outlook is certainly a great communication tool. Yet when it comes to managing multiple processes, you need to get more out of it. Comindware Tracker lets you handle any routine processes like requests, approvals, and many others, right inside MS Outlook. No need to switch to another system - run ready-to-use business applications in your familiar environment. As a result, your team stays focused, and productivity rises above expectations.

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Turn Outlook into the professional BPMS

Handle team tasks. Not just personal ones.
  • Automatically get tasks and priorities
  • Collaborate with colleagues
  • Achieve more in less time
Enable business processes. No email overload.

Seamlessly add Process Management capabilities behind MS Outlook. Let your team stay productive without switching between applications.

Keep all your work in one place


Team Tasks





The alarming state of traditional BPMS
Discover a new approach to managing business processes:
  • easy implementation
  • greater flexibility
  • minimum costs involved
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Outlook Task Management

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Comindware’s unique integration with Outlook enables users to make the most of MS Outlook and manage workflow processes directly within Outlook task management interface. Other tools only provide Microsoft Outlook email notifications, while Comindware lets you sync Outlook tasks and execute your business processes without leaving your familiar environment - all you need is just hit “send”. Why ask your team to learn and interact with yet another system when they already know Microsoft Outlook 2010? Comindware Tracker provides Outlook Task Management system with what you have been mising - the professional process management functionality.

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