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Software Development

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Many activities in software development recur: bugs, features, test requests, and more. Automating these activities significantly increases visibility into what’s going on in a particular project or area, and saves a lot of time on collaboration between team members. Rather than having valuable conversations and specifications scattered across email, Skype, and whiteboards, that collaboration is captured in a single system.

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Ready-to-use pre-built Software Development Workflow Processes:

Feature Requests

Keep all features on track from the idea to development, testing and documentation

Bug Requests

Enabling bug tracking, you can control the quality of the software you are developing, make weighted decisions regarding releases

Change Requests

Be sure that all change requests are handled appropriately

Test Cases

Control test coverage of your products with test cases and use test runs for an iterative testing process


Schedule releases and define release scope to ensure long-term product success


Control risks of your software project by keeping a comprehensive inventory of risks, defining strategy and other parameters

Your own Process

Create your own Processes with just few mouse clicks!

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Automate and manage software development processes with the most flexible bug tracking system available. Comindware bug tracking software gets you started quickly with pre-designed, customizable software development solutions for managing bugs, features, test requests and other processes. Generate next-step tasks to make your software development solution smoother and more effective. Plus, this online software development solution & universal bug tracker lets you log in from anywhere, anytime from any device. Manage risks, test cases, products inventory and more with the unique software development solution available among standard bug tracking tools.

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