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End-to-end software development management in a single solution

Software development companies have multiple recurring activities such as:

  • Bug tracking
  • Feature request tracking
  • Release management
  • Change requests, etc.

Without a unified workflow solution for software development processes product release team performance is often degraded.

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daily processes
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Automating these activities with Comindware Tracker® significantly increases the overall teams performance and the visibility into ongoing processes and statuses.

Rather than having valuable discussions scattered across email, Skype and whiteboards – have your teams collaborate in the unified Software development management software.

Comindware Tracker allows for Software development management exactly matching business process specifics such as business rules, status transition conditions and security levels.

Get visibility into Software Development operations, priorities and task completion progress
Centralize management of documents and tasks
Set up any business processes with a flexible and powerful Workflow Engine
Improve productivity with clearly defined task hand-overs
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Powerful Workflow Engine

Set up the workflow that is optimal for your particular case with an intuitive visual Workflow Builder.

Add any number of steps, conditions and transitions to closely match your business needs.

approval workflow
Powerful Workflow Engine
Electronic Forms

Gather all info you need for Software development management with configurable online forms.

Add any number of fields and define custom form layout in the visual Form Editor.

Learn more about Workflow Forms

Approval Forms
Electronic Forms
Audit Trails

Get a clear picture of each particular task with comprehensive audit trails – a journal of changes kept for each task in Comindware Software Development management software.

Audit Trails
Audit Trails
Dashboard and Reporting

Gain real-time visibility and control over all your operations and identify process bottlenecks.

Set up scheduled automated reports to enable timely management decisions.

Learn more about real-time Reporting

Dashboards and Reporting
Dashboard and Reporting

Discuss and collaborate on tasks, track documents and share knowledge in Comindware Tracker – get your team engaged in your daily processes and ensure maximum productivity.


Comindware`s flexibility is outstanding. It can adapt to custom requirements and processes, and enables us to automate and manage our work more efficiently. And that`s exactly what we were expecting.

Megs Suratkal, Senior Director, Acronis Service and Support

Platforms & Integrations
Work on-the-go

Work with tasks on-the-go to avoid delays in your Software development management with Comindware Tracker. The mobile user interface is highly intuitive and adaptive.

Work in all mobile devices
Work in MS Outlook

Stay productive in your familiar environment and minimize time required for new software adoption. Work on software development tasks, documents and report on completed tasks directly from MS Outlook.

Learn more about Outlook Task management

Work in MS Outlook
in MS Outlook
Work in MS SharePoint

Maximize your MS SharePoint investments and work on software development tasks right from the MS SharePoint interface – no need to switch from familiar SharePoint interface at all.

Learn more about SharePoint workflow

Work in MS SharePoint
in MS SharePoint
API and Integrations

Integrate Comindware Tracker Software development management with the existing systems using our open API.

Comindware Tracker API is based on the Web Services standard and allows for flexible integration with any kind of 3d party applications including CRM, ERP, Billing & Invoicing and other.

Learn more about API and Integrations

API Integrations
and Integrations
Cloud and On-Premise

Start quickly running the Software development management software out of the Comindware’ secure Cloud - with low start-up costs and no installation and maintenance required - or maintain full control with the on-premise installation and lower your ongoing costs.

Learn more about Comindware Tracker as a Cloud service

Cloud and On-Premise versions
and On-Premise

Software development automation software

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