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Design custom department-specific business applications with drag-and-drop simplicity. Comindware lets you focus on your specific business needs leaving complex and time-consuming implementation procedures behind.

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How to get started:

Setup process workflows

Design business process workflows with a graphical and perfectly intuitive Workflow builder. You don’t need to make it perfect from the beginning. Change processes anytime once required without interrupting the current flow. Visually create forms with custom fields and any layout to collect all data needed for successful process execution.

Give permissions

Specify who should be involved in certain processes with different types of permission levels. Create separate Workspaces to accurately allocate work across different departments or teams if needed. Workspace access and visibility can be also adjusted to address your security requirements.

Initiate process execution

Instantly start a new process so you see how advanced workflow automation works. You can kick-off a process manually in the Comindware Tracker system or simply by sending an email to the appropriate address. The person defined in the workflow as a current assignee automatically receives a personalized task notification and can start the ball rolling.

Integrate with other systems

Get your process management solution integrated with other systems. The Comindware Web Services API will handle that for you.

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Create your own Workflow Solution with Comindware graphical tools. Create business processes, grant proper user permissions and start working. Integrate your own workflow solution with your software infrastructure using Comindware Web-Services API. Get your work done!

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